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Special Studies

All of the below publications are available as electronic files to purchase and download. Shop now!

Catastrophe Computer Modeling Handbook
The purpose of the Catastrophe Computer Modeling Handbook is to explore in some detail
catastrophe computer models and to discuss issues that have arisen or can be expected to
arise from their use. The handbook also includes detailed information about specific
modelers, state and modeler contacts, enacted state legislation, the Florida Hurricane Fund
and the California Earthquake Authority. Copyright 2011.

CCM-OP Catastrophe Computer Modeling Handbook $125.00  

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Cycles and Crises in Property/Casualty Insurance: Causes and Implications for Public Policy
Legislators, regulators and others should find this book helpful for understanding the underwriting cycle and price/availability crises, as well as the potential effects of different regulatory actions. The research for this publication was funded by the NAIC, with assistance from the MacArthur Foundation. Copyright 1991.

CYC-PB Cycles and Crises in Property/Casualty Insurance $125.00  

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Final Report of the Earthquake Study Group
This report outlines the work of a group appointed to study the earthquake peril, specifically the differences between west coastal earthquakes and earthquakes in the central United States. The study group developed recommendations designed to help mitigate insurance losses caused by earthquakes. The group also identified strategies that the states could use to communicate loss-mitigation measures to insurers and consumers. Copyright 2000.

ESG-OP Final Report of the Earthquake Study Group $50.00  

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Final Report of the Insurance Availability and Affordability Task Force
This report outlines the work of a task force appointed to focus on issues related to urban insurance markets in the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. The task force’s mission was to study and make recommendations regarding insurers’ underwriting and market practices, and suggest solutions to insurance affordability and availability problems. Copyright 1998.

IAA-PB Insurance Availability and Affordability $55.00  

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Health Care Cost Management Guide
Health insurers and regulators have an important responsibility to help ensure access to affordable and appropriate health care for all Americans. The Health Care Cost Management Guide outlines the types of programs health insurers can implement to help manage health care costs. Copyright 1990.

HCC-LB Health Care Cost Management Guide $25.00  

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Insurance Company Rating Agencies: A Description of Their Methods and Procedures
This paper provides details about the structure and activities of the five most prominent rating agencies — including each organization’s philosophy, scope, fees, resources, process, methodology and classification scheme. Copyright 1992.

RAT-OB Insurance Company Rating Agencies $50.00  

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Issues Concerning Insurance Guaranty Funds
This paper outlines basic issues associated with guaranty funds and discusses some of the policy options available to address the strengths and weaknesses of the system. Topics include: scope of coverage, timing of payments, consumer information, funding and capacity, differences among states, and coordination among guaranty funds. Copyright 1992.

ISS-BB Issues Concerning Insurance Guaranty Funds $75.00  

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Medical Malpractice Claims (Closed)
The Medical Malpractice Claims study discusses the situation of medical malpractice problems reaching crisis proportion in many states in 1975. As a result, 52 states and territories passed remedial legislation in a two-year period beginning in 1975 and ending in 1976. This situation prompted the NAIC to undertake and maintain a closed claim study that constituted a benchmark for a monitoring process. Copyright 1980.

MED-LB Medical Malpractice Claims (Closed) $100.00  

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Monitoring Competition: A Means of Regulating the Property and Liability Insurance Business
This two-volume report provides a comprehensive study of rate regulation, and is composed of five distinct parts: Part 1 – Evolution Toward a More Competitive Rating Environment; Part 2 – Framework for Review of Rate Regulatory Approaches; Part 3 – Current Status of the Property and Liability Industry; Part 4 – Alternative Rate Regulatory Approaches; and Part 5 – Monitoring Competition Within the Framework of Rating Laws. Copyright 1974.

MON-OPS Monitoring Competition $200.00  

NCCI Examination Report
The NCCI Examination Report is a comprehensive examination of the data collection and rate-making activities of the National Council on Compensation Insurance. This publication offers practical considerations about implementing a loss-cost system in workers' compensation. Copyright 1991.

NCI-ZU NCCI Examination Report $300.00  
NCS-ZO NCCI Executive Summary $25.00  

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No-Fault Auto Insurance Study
This study was developed when the NAIC's Property and Casualty Insurance Committee was asked to study the concept of no-fault auto insurance and consider drafting optional model laws to implement a choice no-fault system. The study includes a history of no-fault insurance, a state-by-state review of no-fault systems and a review of studies on the effectiveness of alternative automobile insurance systems. Copyright 2000.

NFS-OM No-Fault Auto Insurance Study $50.00  

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Regulation and the Casualty Actuary
This anthology reprints 20 important papers from past issues of the Journal of Insurance Regulation that are most relevant for practicing actuaries and state insurance regulators. It covers a wide range of issues, such as ratemaking, auto insurance pricing, residual markets, reserving and solvency monitoring. This invaluable reference explains these complex topics in straightforward, non-technical language. Copyright 1996.

RCA-ZB Regulation and the Casualty Actuary $75.00  

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The Regulation of Credit Insurance: An Overview
The Regulation of Credit Insurance compiles the various approaches to regulating the credit insurance marketplace used by state insurance departments and assesses the effectiveness of those approaches in accomplishing regulatory goals. Copyright 1992.

CRE-CB The Regulation of Credit Insurance $125.00  

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State Disaster Response Plan
This handbook serves as a guide for state insurance regulators as they develop and adopt comprehensive disaster response plans. It represents the collective efforts of the NAIC membership to share best practices and learn from one another in effectively preparing for and reacting to catastrophic events in their respective jurisdictions. Copyright 2003.

DRP-PP State Disaster Response Plan $50.00  

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