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Featured Member of the Month

Mark O. Rabauliman
Acting Insurance Commissioner
Mark O. Rabauliman

In addition to serving as Acting Insurance Commissioner, Mark O. Rabauliman is registrar of corporations for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Department of Commerce. In this capacity, Rabauliman registers and licenses all domestic, foreign, limited liability and nonprofit corporations, as well as partnerships both general and limited. Rabauliman's office holds as custodian all certificates, papers, statements or other records of documents required for corporate entities.

Rabauliman is a member of the Department of Commerce's grants team, energy marshal and the foreign investors review committee. He is also responsible for maintaining the department's website, and setting policy and procedures for the department's acceptable use of its computers and the Internet. He has held multiple acting positions at the Department of Commerce, and has served as the acting secretary on numerous occasions.

CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial appointed Rabauliman to serve on the Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture, the Commonwealth Library Board of Directors and the Museum Board of Governors. He also serves as a Junior Achievement mentor for Saipan Southern High School students.

Rabauliman earned an associate's degree from Walla Walla Community College and studied management information systems in business administration at Washington State University.

Communication and collaboration with our members are ongoing priorities for the NAIC. Our success emanates from people with a desire for the future of state insurance regulation. As such, we are pleased to provide you our Featured Member of the Month as both a means for building relationships and strengthening the Association's mission.

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NAIC Member Services was created in 2002 to serve as the primary contact for member queries; to develop and maintain member-related informational materials; and to provide quality service and work products to state insurance regulators, federal regulators, insurance industry representatives and others as it relates to regulating the business of insurance.


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