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Technical Consulting (EX1) Working Group

Internal Administration (EX1) Subcommittee


The Technical Consulting Working Group (TCWG) functions as the technical consultant to the Information Systems (EX1) Task Force (ISTF) to evaluate the technical approaches proposed in Business and Fiscal Impact Statements (BFIS), without any attempt to determine business merit.

The working group will look for compliance with the National Technical Architecture, for adequacy in comparison with technical requirements identified and adopted by the ISTF, and for harmony with other NAIC standards and guidance provided by the ISTF.

For BFIS' to modify existing systems or build like systems, the working group will also consider the advantages of reuse of existing modules or design.

The ISTF will be the technical review authority after projects are approved by EX1, and will monitor compliance with the National Technical Architecture during the development process, reporting to EX1 as appropriate; and the TCWG will remain available for regulator technical consulting to the project at the request of project personnel.

Provisions for concurrence of the TCWG with the technical approach will be clearly marked as such. Certain notes may also be provided in an attempt to insure that EX1 is fully informed. While notes do not provide conditions for the working group's technical concurrence, they may include technical observations with critical business implications.