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NOTE: Beginning with 2019 Quarterly filings, there will no longer be a Fraternal Statement Blank. Fraternal will now be filed on the Life Statement Blank.


2018 Annual Record Layouts

2019 Quarterly Record Layouts

Comparison of 2017 Annual File Names to 2018 Annual File Names

Comparison of 2018 Quarterly File Names to 2019 Quarterly File Names

Spreadsheet showing Column/Row changes from 2017 Annual to 2018 Annual

There are two worksheets to review for the annual tables—one to identify changes in columns, and one to identify changes in the rows.

Using the auto filter capabilities in Excel, scroll to the last column of each worksheet, which is labeled "Difference"—in order to highlight the differences—and click on the down arrow in order to change the options to display only non-blank rows. This filter will only include results where changes have occurred between the two years. You might find it useful to also filter by the blank type you are working on.

These worksheet are sorted by blank type and then base table name. However you have the option to sort all data to your liking.

As you go through report specifications, you might find it helpful to click the down arrow on the base table name and then start typing the name of table that concerns you in the search box.  If you get no results, then there were no changes to the table you are concerned with if you set the filter in the difference columns as described above.

Note, the search feature is not case sensitive.

If you find a row in the worksheet where data is present for 2016 but not 2017, or visa-versa, this might indicate the information was deleted (or added) in 2017.

Spreadsheet Showing Column/Row Changes from 2018 Quarterly to 2019 Quarterly