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Key 2020 MCAS Dates
December 11, 2020 Call letters to companies
Mid-January 2021 Last day to submit 2019 corrections (See FAQ Document)
February - March, 2021 MCAS training webinars (Webinar information coming later)
March 15, 2021 2020 filings may be submitted via the online MCAS filing tool
April 30, 2021 MCAS submissions due for all lines of business
July 1, 2021 MCAS industry scorecards posted to MCAS Web page for all lines of business


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Any questions not addressed by the documents located on this page can be sent to either mcas@naic.org or help@naic.org

MCAS - The Market Conduct Annual Statement

MCAS provides market regulators with market conduct information not otherwise available for their market analysis initiatives. Companies report their data to each jurisdiction through the NAIC's on-line MCAS application. For the 2020 data year, MCAS data is collected for the following lines of business:

The Market Analysis Procedures (D) Working Group (MAPWG) is responsible for identifying new MCAS lines of business and promoting uniform analysis by applying consistent measurements and comparisons of MCAS data provided by companies. To follow the Market Analysis Procedures (D) Working Group and their discussions related to new MCAS lines of business, visit their webpage: https://naic.org/cmte_d_mapwg.htm.

The Market Conduct Annual Statement Blanks (D) Working Group (MCAS Blanks WG) is responsible for the MCAS content and defining the data that is collected. To follow the Market Conduct Annual Statement Blanks (D) Working Group and their discussions related to the content of MCAS lines of business, visit their webpage: https://naic.org/cmte_d_mcaswg.htm.

Important note – Health, LPI and LTC

The MCAS application displays an indicator for each state in which, according to your 2020 financial annual statement (FAS), you reported premium meeting the threshold requirements. The FAS Supplemental Health Care Exhibit and LTC Reporting Forms 1 through 5 filing deadline is April 1. Therefore, the required to file (RTF) indicators will not be populated until your company has submitted the corresponding forms.

Additionally, hybrid-LTC premium is only reported on a national basis and is not available to indicate RTF on a state basis. If your company only has hybrid-LTC business in a state, you will not see a RTF indicator. You still MUST file an MCAS regarding your hybrid-LTC business regardless of whether you have a RTF indicator on your filing matrix. Please note that the RTF indicator is only a guide. If you know you have relevant business to report, it must be reported whether or not you see a RTF indicator.


Please email questions to mcas@naic.org.



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