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“I had worked at the Kansas Insurance Department for about one year when I found the NAIC Designation Program. Because I was new to the regulation of insurance, I quickly enrolled in the APIR Designation courses and began my journey through the NAIC classes. I really enjoyed the online course atmosphere and one of the highlights for me was being able to actively discuss the coursework with other regulators across the country taking the same class. I completed the PIR Designation and look forward to starting the SPIR coursework this year. Thank you to the NAIC for offering a respected and trusted Designation Program as well as to Commissioner Selzer for his support in his staff’s education endeavors.”

LeAnn Crow
Kansas Insurance Department

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The NAIC Insurance Regulator Professional Designation PrograM

We would like to congratulate regulators who have earned an NAIC Insurance Regulation Professional Designation in 2017.

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"The NAIC Insurance Regulator Professional Designation program is a fantastic benefit to state insurance regulators. Not only does it give our employees the valuable knowledge they need to succeed at their job, but it also leads to tremendous professional growth. The program gives them the tools necessary to navigate and even improve the regulatory landscape. I am extremely proud of my staff members who have expanded their knowledge base with this educational opportunity. 29 employees have already received their designations and 27 are in the process of doing so right now. I strongly encourage other states to take advantage of this excellent resource."

- Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak


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The Program

Welcome to the NAIC's Professional Designation Program! Designed to provide state insurance regulators at all staff levels with an opportunity for professional growth through completion of specific educational requirements, the NAIC-sponsored professional designation will recognize your expertise in insurance regulation. Four levels of designations are available: Associate Professional in Insurance Regulation (APIR), Professional in Insurance Regulation (PIR), Senior Professional in Insurance Regulation (SPIR) and Investment Professional in Insurance Regulation (IPIR).

Download the Policies and Procedures to learn more.

Jon Godfread

“I’m excited about having the opportunity to chair the NAIC Designation Advisory Board and look forward to being part of a program as highly regarded as the NAIC’s Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program. I believe that lifelong learning is critical to career success and this particular program certainly sets its graduates up for lifelong success. In addition, the program not only helps those who participate but also bolsters our commitment to state-based regulation by developing top-level talent to serve in insurance departments across the country.”

Commissioner Jon Godfread
North Dakota Insurance Department