Uniform Receivership Internet Template

The Uniform Receivership Template allows states to quickly and efficiently present minimum standard information to consumers in a manner that is uniform from state to state and to provide the information to each stakeholder on a more timely basis. For states that have receiverships on an infrequent basis, this template allows the receiver in these states to more quickly and efficiently put the information on the Internet without the typical information technology development costs.

How to Use
These html pages reflect the minimum standard receivership information. They are a starting point to guide you in making receivership information available on your website and can be customized to fit your state's needs while maintaining the minimum standards. Please work with your Webmaster on downloading and posting the template pages on your website and adapting the wording, adding content or including links in order to meet your state’s needs. For example, if your state does not have a “Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation,” but instead a “Company Supervision Division,” feel free to make such changes. You may also provide additional information on companies in receivership as you see fit.

Uniform Receivership Internet Template [.zip]

If you experience any technical problems with the template please contact the NAIC Help Desk, (816) 783-8500 or help@naic.com.