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Health Reform Solvency Impact (E) Subgroup
Financial Condition (E) Committee

2014 Charges

The Health Reform Solvency Impact (E) Subgroup will

  • Monitor and assess the solvency impacts/concerns for health insurers as a result of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) and recommend charges for the appropriate Financial Condition (E) Committee groups to address these impacts/concerns.—Essential

The Health Reform Solvency Impact (E) Subgroup will utilize the Health Reform Exam (E) Technical Group to review related exam procedures.



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Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Reconciliation Report

Supplemental Health Care Exhibit (SHCE) - Preliminary Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Cautionary Statement

Conference Call Summaries

Comments from 2/2/11 Conference Call (combined PDF)

Comments from 12/20/10 Conference Call (combined PDF)
Blanks Proposal 2011-30BWG as exposed by Blanks (E) Working Group

As Adopted by Financial Condition (E) Committee

Summary of Comments
Draft Blanks Proposal - Exposed 5/12/10
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Cost Containment Definition from SSAP 85

Senate Reconciliation Language on MLR
Health Blank 2009 COMP Writer Analysis [xls]
AHIP Chart on MLR
AAA MLR Questions
Discussion Draft of Health Blank Supplement
2009 Cost Containment Expense Data Reported by Selected Health Insurers
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