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Financial Examiners Compensation and GERP Rates [PDF]

Per Diem Lodging Taxes - Memo (Word)

Financial Examination Contractor Listing
A listing of contract firms/individuals providing financial examination and related services has been compiled and is available on the Financial Examination page on StateNet. The listing is available for use by state regulators to assist in making informed decisions when evaluating and selecting contractors. This listing will be updated periodically. If you are a contractor and would like to be included in the listing (or, to make changes to a past submission), please complete the following form: Financial Examination & Analysis Contractor Listing Form

For questions, please contact NAIC staff at

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Procedures (Updated March 2016)
These procedures were developed through a coordinated effort between the NAIC and HHS for use by states in conducting MLR procedures to meet the federal audit requirement. Use of the procedures is voluntary.

  • Complete MLR Instructions, Procedures and Report Template [PDF]
  • MLR Procedures [Word]
  • MLR Report Language [Word]

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Examination Oversight (E) Task Force


The mission of the Examination Oversight (E) Task Force is to monitor, develop and implement tools for the risk-focused surveillance process. For financial examinations and analysis, this includes maintenance of the Financial Condition Examiners Handbook and the Financial Analysis Handbook to provide guidance to examiners and analysts utilizing a risk-focused approach to solvency regulation and to encourage effective communication and coordination between examiners, analysts and other regulators. In addition, the mission of the Task Force is to: monitor and refine regulatory tools of the risk-focused surveillance process, including IRIS ratios and Financial Analysis Solvency Tools (FAST) such as company profiles and the FAST ratio scoring system; oversee the Analyst Team Project; oversee financial examiner and analyst use of electronic software tools; monitor the progress of coordination efforts among states in conducting examinations and sharing of information necessary to solvency monitoring; establish procedures for flow of information between states about troubled companies; maintain an effective approach to the review of IT general controls; and monitor timeliness of financial examinations.

The following groups report to the Examination Oversight Task Force: