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NAIC Sends Letter to Senate on Market Stabilization

In regard to the ongoing debate in Washington to reform the Affordable Care Act, the NAIC urges Senate leadership to take needed action today. The individual health insurance market can be stabilized by fully funding cost-sharing reduction payments as well as providing market stability funding to allow states to tailor a reinsurance or high risk pool that meets the unique needs of states' markets.

NAIC Addresses Covered Agreement
Statement from NAIC President Ted Nickel

In conjunction with today's announcement related to the U.S.-European Union Covered Agreement, the NAIC appreciates that the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the United States Trade Representative have also affirmed the primacy of state insurance regulation and intend to clarify key elements of the agreement. 

NAIC Releases 2016 Insurance Department Resources Report - Volume One

The NAIC released the first volume of the 30th edition of the Insurance Department Resources Report (IDRR) to help state insurance departments assess their resources in comparison to other states. The report details how state insurance departments manage available resources to effectively regulate an increasingly complex and competitive industry.


Americans Are Driving Less, Yet Most Are Not Aware of Money-Saving Insurance Options

As more Americans steer away from the driver's seat and new products such as usage-based insurance (UBI) gain traction, consumers should rethink their auto insurance options. The new DriveCheck assessment from the NAIC helps consumers determine if UBI may fit their driving habits.

NAIC Hosts Regulatory Leadership Forum in KC

The NAIC is hosting its Regulatory Leadership Forum this week (June 20-22) in Kansas City. More than 30 regulators are attending a variety of sessions focusing on leadership including a panel featuring NAIC officers, members and executives.

Pictured here (L-R): NAIC CEO Mike Consedine, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer, NAIC Vice President and Maine Insurance Superintendent Eric A. Cioppa, NAIC President and Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel, Oregon Insurance Commissioner Laura  Cali Robison and NAIC COO/CLO Andy Beal.


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